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Day 15

Tracy’s Thoughts Day 15

Who’s The Boss

Day 15, that feels so good to write. 1 more week to go, I can almost smell the coffee, thanks to my friend Chas💗! To be honest, today I felt like my thought tank had run dry. Have you ever had a time when you sit down and pray and your mind takes a detour to something else? I have both hands in the air! But I’m here to report God is faithful, so here we go.

I love the devotional book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Sometimes when I hit those dry patches, I’ll see what JC has to say. Today here’s what I read, “Approach this day with awareness of who is boss. As you make plans for the day, remember that it is I who orchestrates the events of your life. This got me thinking about Joseph’s life. Favored son, has a wonderful dream, shares it, gets thrown into a pit, sold off into slavery, starts to get ahead, gets lied on, thrown into jail, interprets dreams, forgotten for years, then FINALLY deliverance happens and he’s exalted to just under the King, Dream fulfilled! Wow, Joseph’s life makes ours look pretty boring – but I’m good with boring and I bet you are too!

I believe that Joseph is a good example of someone who lived with the awareness of who the boss was. In fact, my favorite part of Joseph’s story is when he comforts his brothers and tells them you might have meant it for evil, but God meant it for good. How many times in our lives do we fall into the trap and lose hope? We think this time no way could it work out for our good – then oops we decided to be the boss. I have to remind myself He is God and I am not, oh thank heavens I am not! If I’d been God those brothers would have just starved to death for selling off little brother! Hey, wonder what they used the money for? … oh, that’s another thought 🙃.

Isaiah 55:9 says, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” Let’s think about that next time those creepy Thoughts creep in.
Let’s pray, Lord I thank you for your plans and purposes for our lives. No matter what comes our way and any seeming obstacle that try’s to thwart what you have in store for us, help us to live like Joseph lived and be able to say God worked it out for good! Amen