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Day 14

Tracy’s Thoughts Day 14

I’m Not Home Yet

21 days…in my mind, it really didn’t seem very long, and for all intents and purposes, it isn’t. So if you’re like me and feel a little unmotivated, remember you have a little over a week left! Keep your eye on the prize, I don’t mean whatever you might be abstaining from, but the whispers that are coming from The Lords’ voice. 💗

Today, we will hold a memorial service for a sweet sister in Christ, Linda Lamb. It’s hard when we lose someone we love to our heavenly home especially when it seems to come out of the blue. Linda had been in the care of a rehab center for just over a year battling a wound that was being stubborn about healing, but in my mind, she’d be back with us pretty soon. After all, her seat was getting dusty. You see, for years Linda has sat behind me at church, the second row from the front on what we affectionately call the west side (at least, I think that’s right, I’m a little directionally challenged). Smiling, singing, and keeping Samantha on the right track, or maybe it was the other way around Lol but always there. Linda was quick-witted and such a servant. We once had a need in our resource room and she happily accepted the responsibility, coming to the church as need arrived in order to make CDs for those who wanted them. Then, when we had a few other ladies that needed a ride, she formed a carpool. She was just that way, did what she could without any fuss.

Mmmm reminds me of what Jesus said, If you want to be great, you must become the servant. Linda, I know is great and she’s finished her race – hey girl save me a seat, I’ll see you soon!

I leave you this refrain that I can’t stop thinking about from the song by Building 429 Where I Belong: All know is I’m not home yet, this is not where I belong, take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong.

Let’s pray, Jesus thank you for helping us remember this is not our home. You’ve gone to prepare a better place for us. Even if we live to be 110 this life is still just a breath when compared to the eternity we will spend with you. Help us to daily live with this in mind and be your servants. Amen