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Day 13

Tracy’s Thoughts Day 13

 Never, Never Give Up!

If that title sounds a little like Winston Churchill, your partially right. Before, we started our 21-day journey we went to see the movie, The Darkest Hour. At the end when Winston quoted that famous line, cheers erupted and hands went to clapping. Everyone likes a story of perseverance that leads to victory. That leads me to my thoughts today.

In Luke 18 Jesus starts his day with a parable of the persistent widow. At the very beginning he tells us the reason for the story and here it is, “that they (and we) should always pray and never give up”. Now that’s simple, pray and don’t give up. In the story we find this little widow who is seeking justice, things are not going her way. But she’s not giving up! I have a feeling that in the mind of the judge her case was just some little something that he just didn’t think he needed to waste his time on. But, because she kept pestering him about it, he finally granted her justice. I love in the parable Jesus says, “so don’t you think God will surely give justice to his chosen people who cry out to Him day and night.” God is willing to answer us, but we have to do our part and cry out.The widow wanted justice, and she wasn’t going to stop until she had an answer. How many times do we throw up a half-hearted cry for something, and then move on with our lives. Ouch!
Here’s something I find interesting, at the end of the parable Jesus goes on to ask this question, “But when the Son of Man returns, how many will He find on the earth who have faith?” Hmmmm I think that might be what Jesus is asking today when the battle rages, and it’s looking like your darkest hour, are you going to quit, or are you going to fight – fight through prayer. Even when it seems like you have prayed and prayed, don’t quit, your breakthrough might be right around the corner. We shall never, no never give up!

Let’s pray, Jesus today I pray you give us a tenacity for prayer that we have never had. We are believing that when you come again that you will find us full of faith. I thank you for restoring every one of us who have felt like giving up. I thank you today that you are answering our prayers quickly, and I am reminded that nothing is impossible for you! In Jesus Name Amen
Ps, If you’ve been thinking of giving up on the 21 days of prayer and fasting, I have four words never, never, give up! 😇