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Day 10

Tracy’s Thoughts Day 10

Shake The Dust Off

Hope everyone’s warm and cozy❄️ so thankful for our comforts; we have sooo many! Fasting may cause our bodies a little momentary discomfort, but when I think about the people around our globe who daily don’t have adequate shelter or food I’m humbled and empowered to dig in deeper and draw closer to God. I hope you do too.

Today, I was reading in Matthew 10 where Jesus sends out the twelve and gives them some instructions. Along about verse 11 he tells them, hey look, when you get into town you’re going to need a place to stay, so look for a worthy persons house and stay there; when you enter the house give it your blessing. Easy right, but here’s where I think it gets sticky; IF they were worthy the blessing stayed BUT if not, guess what, Take It Back! Wait, that’s not the worse part, look what it says in vs 14-15 “If any household or town refuses to welcome you or listen to your message, shake its dust from your feet as you leave. I tell you the truth, the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah will be better off than such a town on the judgment day.”

Here’s my thought, can you imagine being a city worse off then Sodom & Gomorrah! My goodness they were reduced to rubble! These are cities that are nonexistent today. But, Obviously on judgment day there are going to be a few very unhappy campers. What struck me is it’s not just towns that refused to listen but “households” as well. Jesus meant business. Jesus didn’t tell his disciples to look for perfect people but those with an open-heart and open doors. Jesus was looking for those who had ears to hear and a receptivity to the message. I think this rings true today. Jesus isn’t looking for perfect people, He’s looking for welcoming people those who would say, “here I am Lord use me” and He Will.

Let’s pray, more than anything Lord we want to arrive in heaven to hear those sweet words “well-done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the rest”. Lord make us so aware of what you want to do in and through our lives. Help us to shake off the dust, so you don’t have to. We want to receive all you have for us, open our hearts to receive it. Amen