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Day 9

Tracy’s Thoughts Day 9

The 3 Fs – Part 3

Alright, my reader friends, here it is the last F on our list, any guesses? Failure. Yes, that’s right Favoritism + Fear = Failure. Boy did we see how that worked out in the life of Esau! Actually, I think we could probably agree that everyone lost in this story. Let’s go back to Genesis and take a look.

After the deception occurs we see a pitiful sight, Esau crying and begging his father for some kind of blessing. Surely he had something left! Sadly he did not. We see Issac mad, the amplified Bible said he trembled violently. Rebekah is now afraid for Jacobs life, and he is forced to leave home. Such a happy facebook moment.

Here are my thoughts,  why did Issac pour the whole blessing out and not leave anything for the younger son? Was he still irritated at Jacob for swindling Esau out of the birthright? (After all, if Jacob had been a sweet brother he would have given his brother some food, no strings attached.) Or did Issac just love Esau that much more? What about Rebekah’s word from God, did she not share it with Issac? Or did he choose to ignore it? So many questions. Here’s what we do know; right after Esau’s heart-wrenching cry, Issac prophesies and reiterates what God had in mind. We also find Esau in Hebrews 12:16 but not in a good light. I like the way the New Living Translation words it, “Make sure that no one is immoral or godless like Esau, who traded his birthright as the firstborn son for a single meal.” Yep somewhere on the path, Esau fails. Unfortunately, I don’t think Esau recognized the value of his birthright. That makes me wonder, as Gods kids how much do we value our birthright right? The Bible says we are joint heirs with Jesus, that means what belongs to Jesus belongs to us! Wow, now that’s something to stop and think about for awhile!

Let’s pray, Lord thank you that we are no longer slaves, but Your children and you have also made us your heir. It’s hard to think about what all that means. Everything you own belongs to us! Help us daily to walk as the heirs we are and continue to form us into the best kids we can be. In Jesus Name
Ps Later in the story our brothers do reconcile and that is always a very good thing💗!