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Day 7

Tracy’s Thoughts Day 7

The 3 Fs

Wow depending on when you are reading this, we are on the edge of 1 week down only 2 more to go or you could say, a third way through, or two thirds to go…. Oh my how I ramble. Great job, this 21 day journey is moving fast and furious.

Today, my thoughts turn to Issac and Rebekah. Their whole story is pretty interesting. Rebekah is quick to follow a complete stranger to marry a man she has never met. (Talk about married at first sight) Fortunately, Issac sees Rebekah and is instantly in love. Fast forward, childless, Isaac prays (looks like he learned a lesson from his dad Abraham. Don’t sleep with your wife’s servant, even if she says you can!) hip hip hurrah twins are born; oh, but here’s where it gets interesting and our first F – favoritism. Each parent likes one of the children just a little bit more.

Now I’m an only child, and one of the blessings of being an only child is, no competition. In fact, through the years I’ve had dozens of people ask me how I like being an only child? I’ve always had the same answer, “Great, I’ve never known anything different”. I will tell you though, my parents made a concerted effort when I was young, not to spoil me rotten. My parents once again, showed a lot of wisdom and went out of there way not to show favoritism to my three children and I’ve tried to follow this example.

Favoritism is a lose, lose situation for everyone involved. For Jacob and Esau we see it play out in dramatic fashion. The Bible is clear that favoritism is not for our lives. It’s not in Gods Character. I’m reminded of several scriptures that show us God doesn’t play favorites. (Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11, Ephesians 6:9 to name a few)
If we think about it, isn’t that great news for us! God loves us ALL! Everyone of us are so special to Him. He loves us on our good days, He loves us on our very bad days, and all those days in between, unconditionally. In fact, He’s never going to love us any more than He loves us right now. That thought only, only makes me want to love Him more and more! I bet you do too💗.

Let’s pray, Lord, instantly that song comes to my mind that says, “Oh how He loves you and me, Oh how He loves you and me, He gave his life what more could He give, oh how He loves you, oh how He loves me, oh how He loves you and me”. Help us grasp, how truly deep and wide and high your love is for us! In Jesus name amen
Ps I didn’t forget about the other two Fs, sorry you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow 🙃