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Day 3

Tracy’s Thoughts Day 3

Less of Me, More of Him -/+

Has this ever happened to you; you have a thought (no, not the one about the pizza – we’re on a fast, remember) and you can’t get it out of your mind? You know it’s from The Lord but your not sure why He’s speaking it to you. Then, all of a sudden you have it confirmed and your so excited. Now here’s the thought – why are we excited after the confirmation and not before?

This recently happened to me. Over and over in my quiet time I kept hearing the phrase “less of me, more of Him”. In fact, I even looked up the old song we used to sing with that phrase in it thinking maybe The Lord wanted us to sing it at church. Every day, it became my prayer, Lord help me to have more of you and less of me. Then right before the fast I visit Jentezen Franklins web page and there it is, graphics and all! LESS OF ME, MORE OF HIM! -/+

John 10:27 says, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me”. It’s my prayer today that I become so in-tuned to His voice, that when it’s confirmed, I simply keep following and listening, knowing sometimes He’s speaking in a still small voice.

Let’s pray: Dear Lord, today I pray less of me and more of You. I thank you for your confirmations because they do encourage us to know we truly are hearing your voice. But help us grow in our walk with You that when we don’t have a “confirmation” that we can walk confidently knowing that we, your sheep do hear your voice. Yes Lord, more of You, and less of me.